Manual Chain Hoist Maintenance Workshop

Manual Chain Hoist Maintenance | 1-Day Workshop

  • $395.00

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This seminar covers the recommended procedures for setting up an effective in-house hoist maintenance and inspection program. The elements of such a program are given to each employee in a CM Hoist/Chain Safety Kit. Students will also receive maintenance manuals for each CM hoist along with inspection guideline sheets. 

Course Agenda

  • Frequent and periodic inspections
  • Mechanical brake maintenance
  • Inspection procedures and removal criteria per OSHA and ASME
  • Complete teardown and rebuild of CM hand chain and lever hoists
  • Load-testing procedures

Equipment Used for Hands-On Activities:

  • CM lever tools and chain-operated hoists such as the Puller, Series 653 lever tool, Rigger, Cyclone, Series 622 and Hurricane
  • Coffing lever tools and chain-operated hoists such as the LSB and LHH