CMCO Static Stepless Crane Controls 2-Day Course

Static Stepless Crane Controls | 3-Day Course

  • $995.00

Static Stepless™ is a wound rotor motor crane control installed on cranes since the 1960s. Arguably the most reliable and durable AC motor control ever offered, hundreds of cranes equipped with this system are still in service and will remain for the foreseeable future.

This course is designed for personnel performing routine crane electrical maintenance and responding to breakdowns. Students will gain a thorough understanding of system operation enabling them to identify problems early. Instruction begins with the basics and progresses through comprehensive coverage of every section of the controls. Students will receive detailed explanations of each module’s function while learning troubleshooting tips, set-up procedures and fine-tuning adjustments not provided in the manufacturer’s service bulletins.

Until now, this training has been offered only by the manufacturer and unavailable to crane service providers outside Kone’s service division. To get the most out of this training, students should have experience in troubleshooting motor control systems and a basic understanding of electronic principles.

Course topics:

  • OSHA power distribution
  • Power supplies
  • Magnetic amplifiers and saturable reactors
  • Block diagrams
  • Motors and electric load brakes
  • Control modules and circuits

Student will receive:

  • Certificate of Course Completion