Rigging and Crane Operator Train The Trainer

Rigging & Crane Operator Safety Train The Trainer | 5-Day Workshop

  • $1,995.00

This 5-day workshop incorporates topics covered in our Level 1: Basic Rigging & Signalperson class, Rigging Gear Inspection training, Level 2 Advanced Rigging course and Overhead Crane Operator training. Also includes hands-on rigging and crane exercises.

Day 1: Overhead Crane Operator and Train the Trainer 
The full-day session consists of hands-on crane exercises, operator responsibilities, pre-operational inspections and identifying unsafe conditions. All students will be evaluated with a skills assessment utilizing our overhead cranes.

Day 2: Rigging Gear Inspection Training
Students will learn the requirements of OSHA regulations and ASME guidelines for the proper inspection and documentation of rigging gear inspection. OSHA requires inspections be done by a competent person selected by the employer. This training will enable employers to deem their employee competent. CMCO written and hands-on inspection exam given at the conclusion of the course.

Topics covered:

  • Slings (chain, wire rope, synthetics and metal mesh)
  • Rigging hardware 
  • Below-the-hook lifting devices
  • Ratchet lever & chainfall hoists

Day 3: Basic Rigging and Signal Person Training
Students will learn how to properly select and use slings and rigging equipment. Course also covers hand signalperson requirements per OSHA 1926.1400, ASME B30.3 and ASME B30.5. Hands-on rigging training will be performed in conjunction with classroom training. A CMCO basic rigging exam will be given to test riggers knowledge of topics covered. Each student will be tested on signaling.

Topics covered:

  • Hitches
  • Effects on working load limits
  • Limitations of rigging equipment
  • Rigging Guide & chart interpretation
  • Knot tying: tagline use

Day 4: Level 2 Advanced Rigging
Students will apply classroom work in our hands-on rigging facility.

  • Estimating load weights
  • Sling tension calculations
  • Center of gravity determination
  • Share of load weight calculations
  • Rigging block calculations
  • Load drifting calculations

Day 5: CIC Basic Rigger Certification Exam and Train the Trainer Course
•  8:00 am - 9:00 am  Rigger Signalperson Certification Exam (Crane Institute Certification)

This class is only held at our Niagara Training Center in Getzville, New York.