CM-ET 5-Day Mega School | Orlando

2018 CM-ET 5-Day MEGA School | Orlando

  • $595.00

August 27-31, 2018
Orange County Convention Center | Room N-310

5-Day Course (Earn 36 ETCP Credits) 
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This five-day course will cover everything in our Road Hoist Technician Certification course as well as our Entertainment Rigging Seminar course. To register for this class, individuals must have successfully completed the one-day CM-ET Basic Introduction to Lodestar Usage and Maintenance Class within the past three years and work with Lodestar or Prostar hoists on a regular basis.

The first half of this ETCP-recognized training course will cover all aspects of the design and operation of hoists, maintenance needs, inspection requirements and troubleshooting procedures. This course also delves deep into electrical theory and troubleshooting of the popular Lodestar and Prostar hoists. Upon passing, participants will also receive a CM-ET certification card and document, both of which are valid for five years.

The second half of this course is an intense exploration of rigging terminology, equipment and concepts for the entertainment industry. We begin with a study of understanding trusses and truss engineering.

CM-ET RTC Motor Certification 
Taught by Dave Carmack

Dave Carmack is a 41 year veteran of Columbus McKinnon and has served many roles during his tenure. His experience ranges from 20 years of actual manufacturing and production of the Lodestar, and the mechanical and electrical construction of CM products. He also worked on troubleshooting and repair, and engineering research and development in his roles as Lab Technician and Product Engineer before becoming our Entertainment Trainer.

Advanced Rigging Fundamentals & Tactics
Taught by Eric Rouse

Eric Rouse is the Head of Product Development for Chicago Flyhouse. His main area of expertise is in performer flying effects and rigging for live entertainment. Eric has previously worked at Penn State as a technical director, project manager for Flying by Foy, and an automation mechanic and rigging supervisor for Cirque du Soleil’s “O” show. He is a Level One CM Hoist Technician, a SPRAT Rope Access Technician, an ETCP Certified Rigger-Theatre and Recognized Trainer and a member of USITT.

Automation and Control Maintenance
Taught by Mike Webb

Mike Webb is in Outside/Business Development for Motion Labs. Mike will be on-site instructing on automation controls and proper maintenance techniques.

Study of Truss
Taught by Mike Wells

Mike Wells is the President and CEO of Xtreme Structures and will instruct on the beginning and advanced concepts in truss design, usage, and theory.

Questions? Feel free to call Dave Carmack at 276-614-4600 or email him at