CM-ET 5-Day Mega School | Orlando

2019 CM-ET 5-Day OCCC MEGA School | Orlando

  • $995.00

5-Day Course (Earn 36 ETCP Credits) 

This five-day course is designed for both beginners as well as seasoned professionals. We will have 2 levels of training being taught simultaneously to give the best training experience in the market today. The course will be held in rooms N310 H1 and N310 H2 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. 


The first half of this ETCP-recognized training course will cover all aspects of the design and operation of hoists, maintenance needs, inspection requirements and troubleshooting procedures. This course also delves deep into electrical theory and troubleshooting of the popular Lodestar and Prostar hoists. Upon passing, participants will also receive a CM-ET certification card and document, both of which are valid for five years.

The second half of this course is an intense exploration of rigging terminology, equipment and concepts for the entertainment industry. We begin with a study of understanding trusses and truss engineering. This course will be held in N310 H1.

Advance Rigging and Motor Tech Certifications consists of: 

  • Hoist Automation and Controls
  • Stage Technician Motor Certifications
  • Understanding Truss and Truss Engineering
  • Advance Rigging Fundamentals


This agenda covers basic introductions to motors and standards relating to motors as well as safe rigging fundamentals and an introduction to Rope Access.  ETCP renewal credit will be offered for most of these classes. This course will be held in Room N310 H2.

Rigging Fundamentals 101 consists of:

  • Fall Protection for Authorized Persons
  • Introductions to Rope Access
  • ANSI vs ASME Standards vs OSHA Regulations
  • British and European standards
  • Weatherproofing the Lodestar
  • Safe Rigging Techniques
  • Rigging Gear Inspections
  • Inspections of Manual Hoist
  • Essential Knots, Bends, & Hitches



Monday, August 19, 2019
Times Room N310 H1 Times Room N310 H2
8a-12p Dave Carmack Motor Tech Certifications 8a-12p Brian Leister Fall Protection for Authorized Persons
1-6p Dave Carmack Motor Tech Certifications 1-6p Brian Leister Introductions to Rope Access
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Times Room N310 H1 Times Room N310 H2
8a-12p Dave Carmack Motor Tech Certifications 8-10:30a Rob Bruno ANSI vs ASME Stardards vs OSHA Regulations
10:30a-12p Nick Fleming British & European Standards
1-6p Dave Carmack Motor Tech Certifications 1-2p Brian L/Nick F Weatherproofing the Lodestar
2-6p Ben Brian Safe Rigging Techniques Part 1
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Times Both Rooms come together for this day
8a-12p Max Wilson Truss Design & Engineering
1-5p Rick Montgomery Introduction to Motion Controls & Motors
5-6p Nick Fleming Available Products offered to ET Market
Thursday, August 22, 2019
Times Room N310 H1 Times Room N310 H2
8a-12p Eric Rouse Advance Rigging Techniques 8a-12p Rob Bruno Rigging Gear Inspections
1-6p Eric Rouse Advance Rigging Techniques 1-6p Ben Brian Safe Rigging Techniques Part 2
Friday, August 23, 2019
Times Room N310 H1 Times Room N310 H2
8a-12p Eric Rouse Advance Rigging Techniques 8a-12p Rob Bruno Inspections of Manual Hoists
1-6p Eric Rouse Advance Rigging Techniques 1-5p Brian Leister Essential Knots, Bends & Hitches


    Meet our Line-up of Instructors

    Dave Carmack is a 41 year veteran of Columbus McKinnon Corporation and has served in many roles during his tenure. His experience begins with 20 years of actual manufacturing and production of the Lodestar, and the mechanical and electrical construction of CM products. He has also worked on troubleshooting and repair, and engineering research and development in his roles as lab technician and product engineer before becoming our entertainment trainer. Dave has taught thousands around the world and given them a higher understanding of CM Products.

    Brian Leister is a Senior Technical Trainer with Columbus McKinnon Corporation, specializing in entertainment rigging, rope access and hoist maintenance. He has 14 years of experience as a rigging professional in the entertainment industry and 12 years of industrial rope access experience. Brian is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping people advance in their careers. He values his role as a trainer as his greatest privilege. He has trained over 80 rope access technicians, across all levels of SPRAT certification and is an ETCP Arena Certified Rigger. 

    Robert Bruno is a Corporate Trainer with Columbus McKinnon Corporation. Rob served 6 years in the U.S. Coast Guard on a 225 ft Seagoing Buoy tender where he was a crane operator and handled all shipboard rigging. After the Coast Guard, he worked for a large wire rope and sling manufacturer where he was responsible for sling fabrication and inspection, as well as offsite rigging and inspection. After moving to California, Rob worked for one of the largest synthetic sling manufacturers in the U.S. where he was responsible for Nuclear, Hydro, Aerospace, and wind energy customers. 

    Eric Rouse is the head of product development for Chicago Flyhouse. His main area of expertise is in performer flying effects and rigging for live entertainment. Eric has previously worked at Penn State as a technical director, project manager for Flying by Foy, and an automation mechanic and rigging supervisor for Cirque du Soleil’s “O” show. He is a Level One CM Hoist Technician, a SPRAT Rope Access Technician, an ETCP Certified Rigger-Theatre and Recognized Trainer and a member of USITT.

    Rick Montgomery is the VP of sales, Eastern US and Canada for Motion Labs. Rick has a degree in Industrial Electronics and began his career designing and maintaining industrial control systems in the steel industry. After 19 years, Rick left the steel industry to pursue a career in sales, spending 3 years as Sales Manager for an industrial crane company. Rick entered the entertainment industry as business development manager for a chain hoist manufacturer in 2009. Rick joined the Motion Laboratories Team in March 2017 as VP of Sales for the eastern USA and Canada. Rick is a member of the ANSI-accredited Technical Standards Program and sits on the Rigging Working Group, Electrical Power Working Group and Stage Lift Machinery Working Group. Rick also sat on the Board of Director’s for a local Cincinnati Children’s Theatre as well as serving as VP for several years. 

    Max Wilson is the VP of Sales for Applied Electronics and has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, most recently as the sales manager for Applied. Prior to Applied, Max worked for Tomcat USA as well as the automation department for Cirque Du Solei’s “KA”. Max has also served as the assistant head of automation for “Siegfried and Roy at The Mirage”. While working for Applied, Max has served our customers from coast to coast to ensure their needs are met with high quality, reliable products and unmatched customer service.

    Ben Brian, a Principal at Reed Rigging, Inc. in Chicago, continues to bring his expertise of safe rigging practices back to the ET market. Ben began his career in 2006 as a rigger for Atlanta Rigging and later as sales manager.  He was an asset to the market by supplying riggers with the right tools and training to do the job safely. In 2014, Ben and his family relocated back to Chicago. He was the national sales manager for Reed Rigging, Inc. and in 2018 became a Principal owner with his partner, Vince Cordero. Over the years, Ben has earned the respect of his peers as an advocate for common sense rigging safety and enjoys passing his knowledge and talents to the next generation of riggers.


    Questions? Feel free to call Dave Carmack at 276-614-4600 or email him at