Chain and Wire Rope Hoist Technician Certification

Chain and Wire Rope Hoist Technician Certification | 5-Day Workshop

  • $1,595.00

Our Chain and Wire Rope Hoist Repair Technician Certification School gives attendees an excellent opportunity to learn proper maintenance and inspection techniques on chain and wire rope powered and manual hoists. This course allows students to attend both the chain and wire rope hoist repair certification course in one week. ASME/ANSI and OSHA standards and regulations are covered.  

Once completed, the certification earned through this course is good for 5 years.  

Course Agenda:

  • Hoist identification
  • Review of applicable industry standards: B30's, ASME HST Performance Standards, NFPA-70
  • Basic air and electrical theory
  • Understanding the hoists electrical system
  • Reading a wiring diagram
  • Mechanical brake maintenance
  • Wire rope anatomy and inspection
  • Load chain inspection
  • Upper hook and lower hook block inspections
  • Sheaves and wire rope drum inspection
  • Gearing
  • Motor and load brake inspection
  • Frequent and periodical maintenance and inspection procedures
  • Hands on: VFD programing for CMCO Hoists
  • Hands on: Complete teardown, inspection and rebuild of each hoist
  • Hands on: Troubleshooting Hoists (must repair and test for proper operation)
  • Hands on: Load-testing procedures
  • CMCO Chain and Wire Rope Repair Technician certification exam given at the end of the course

Products for Hands-On:

  • Shaw-Box 700 and 800 Series
  • Yale Cable King
  • Shaw-Box World Series/Yale Global King Wire Rope Hoists
  • Coffing chain hoists (manual and powered)
  • CM chain hoists (manual and powered)
  • Yale and Budgit chain hoists (manual and powered)