Gemini Motor Mechanic Technician Certification | 3-Day Class

Gemini Motor Mechanic Technician Certification | 3-Day Class

April 28-30, 2020  | Dallas, Texas


Columbus McKinnon is dedicated to supporting its distributors in promoting the safe and efficient use of its products. Dave Carmack, a member of our professional training team, will be guest teaching this class on-site at Gemini.

This Motor Mechanic Technician Certification course is designed for professionals with the responsibility for ensuring safe and consistent operations of the market’s favorite Lodestar and Prostar hoists. This hands-on, three day, ETCP-recognized training course delves deep into the mechanical and electrical designs of each. This course will raise your knowledge beyond knowing into the realm of understanding. You will learn what each component is responsible for and how it works with others to become the machine of choice.

Students will learn:

  • Factory recommended dos and don’ts of safe handling and usage.
  • Deeper communication skills used by other field professionals.
  • How to perform frequent & periodic inspections, per CM recommendations and ANSI E1.6-2 standards including: 
    • 66 point inspection
    • Load testing
    • Record keeping
  • How to adjust and replace limits switches, brakes, and power & control cables.
  • How to inspect and replace suspension components, contactors, transformers, and gears.
  • How to identify and interpret wiring diagrams.
  • Troubleshooting techniques used by factory technicians
  • Students will be lead through a complete teardown and rebuild of both hoists. During this process, each component will be examined for inspection criteria and proper operation.

Meet Your Trainer

Dave Carmack is in his 41st year with CM and has served many roles during his tenure. From 20 years of manufacturing the Lodestar to Engineering Research and Development, Lab Technician and Product Engineer before becoming our Entertainment Trainer. Dave has taught classes on 6 of the 7 continents.

For additional information or registration, email us:  INFO@GEMINILSV.COM