CMCO Load Securement 1-Day Course

Load Securement 1-Day Course

  • $395.00

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This course is designed to educate those responsible for securing loads on over-the-road transportation vehicles and those responsible for enforcement. Course information is based on the North American Cargo Securement Standard incorporated in the regulations for the United States and Canada.

Course Topics:

  • CVSA guidelines, federal and DOT requirements
  • Tie down requirements (direct and indirect)
  • Out of service and inspection criteria for rigging gear
  • Requirements for general and specific loads such as: steel coils, concrete, construction equipment, logs, steel haulers and crushed car haulers
  • Load placement and securement to a vehicle
  • Drivers responsibility

Students will receive:

  • Practical Cargo Securement by Rolf VanderZwaag
  • Certificate of Course Completion