CM-ET Rigging Workshops

CM-ET | 4-hour Rigging Workshops

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Fiber and wire rope, slings, shackles and truss are integral to a riggers’ day-to-day job. These half-day clinics will provide information on the proper use and inspection of these products as well as how they are safely used in conjunction with truss.

These are 4-hour rigging workshop from 1:00 – 5:00 pm at Rock Lititz.

Four topics will be offered. Please register for the specific date and topic you prefer. All students must register to attend.

Essential Knots, Bends, & Hitches

Rope is a rigger’s most versatile and indispensable asset. Like any other tool, it is only as effective as the person using it. This one-day course covers a variety of knots, bends and hitches essential to the day-to-day activities of an entertainment rigger. Students will learn how to build complex and compound mechanical advantage systems for safely hauling and lowering loads. They will also learn how to splice eye terminations in double braid and hollow braid ropes.

Wire Rope Fundamentals and Use

No matter what type of rigging you do, wire rope is a critical component to the overhead attachment and movement of loads.

This 4-hour course will teach you how to identify and select the appropriate wire rope for any task, as well as how to make safe and effective terminations and splices in wire rope.

Slings, Shackles and Truss

Slings and shackles are still among the most versatile staples of the rigging hardware. In this workshop, we will discuss selection, inspection and application of that hardware for the safe rigging of truss.

Rigging Math 101

This workshop combines classroom and hands-on practical exercises to teach fundamental rigging math. This class uses the same standardized formulas, as those provided for the ETCP Rigging exams, to help prepare participants for the calculations required to pass the ETCP Rigging – Arena exam. Rigging Math 101 covers uniform and point loads on simple supported spans, three point spans, and square configurations. The hands-on component has participants erect a simple truss structure and apply the loads. Thereafter, students move into the classroom to work the formulas, after which they will turn on the load cells to confirm their load estimations.

Rigging Math 201

This workshop takes rigging math to the next level, where participants will learn how to plan, build, and estimate forces involved with bridles of equal and unequal height; as well as cantilevered loads. In our hands-on training facility, students will build the rigging points and apply the formulas, then turn on the load cells to confirm load estimations. The formulas used are the same standardized versions provided to those preparing for the ETCP Rigging – Arena exam.